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Guvna B’s Star Keeps Shining Brighter With New Mixtape “Scrapbook II”

Review Date: 04/16/2014 Review By: Christopher Johnson Release Date: 03/31/2014 Rating: With his fourth album since 2008, and his third in as many years, British hip hop phenomenon Guvna B keeps up More »

new empire

New Empire Shine Bright With New Album “In A Breath”

Review Date: 4/17/2014 Review By: Jessica Morris Release Date: Aus/NZ – 04/18/2014, Rest of the World – 4/29/2014 Rating: Sydney based pop/rock outfit New Empire have been engaging the hearts of Australians More »


Emery Surpass “You Were Never Alone” Campaign Goal; Additional Packages Added

Veteran rock band, Emery, is excited to announce that it has met and surpassed its $50,000 You Were Never Alone crowdfunding goal in under two weeks. The campaign, which launched earlier this month More »


The Remission Flow Launch iTunes Pre-Order For “Rhythms Of Grace” Out April 22

The Monaghan, Ireland based worship band The Remission Flow are set to release their sophomore album Rhythms Of Grace next Tuesday, April 22nd, and, as of a few days ago, the album More »


Disciple Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Fund New Album

A little over an hour ago, the popular rock band Disciple launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming brand new album. The album is expected to be released around August time More »

the museum

The Museum Set To Release “What We Stand For” May 6

BEC Recordings’ The Museum will be releasing their third label release on May 6 titled What We Stand For. Radio will be introduced to the next chapter of The Museum’s music with More »

Guvna B’s Star Keeps Shining Brighter With New Mixtape “Scrapbook II”

guvna b

Review Date: 04/16/2014
Review By: Christopher Johnson
Release Date: 03/31/2014
Rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)

With his fourth album since 2008, and his third in as many years, British hip hop phenomenon Guvna B keeps up his torrid pace of releasing quality music of substance.  Aside from his frequent pace of album releases, Guvna B, known for his song and catchphrase “Allo Mate,” has also found time to introduce a successful clothing line (Allo Mate), acquire multiple degrees, and he’s also won multiple music based awards and been nominated for many more.

As an acknowledged thank you to the fans for making his previous studio album Odd 1 Out a chart topper in both Great Britain’s gospel and mainstream album charts, the recently released Scrapbook II is a free to download mixtape.

Scrapbook II accomplishes the rarely achieved goal of releasing highly entertaining and dance inducing tunes while infusing substance and messages of hope through a relationship with The Almighty. With 17 full length tracks, the album welcomes guest vocals on virtually every song.  There is also an interlude, or testimonial of sorts, from legendary artist/actor Ja Rule.

We Want More” starts the album out with a club friendly, trance inducing beat and features Remidee of LZ7.  Guvna B and Remidee take turns shrugging shoulders at worldly successes, doubters, and naysayers, choosing instead to pull guidance and energy from the most high. Superstar and well known producer Black Knight assists Guvna B in addressing the highly debated issue of “Christian rapper” vs. “rapper who is a Christian” on the next track “In a Box.”  The track uses a much more urban feeling beat than the initial (and proceeding) trance like techno beat, showing his versatility in production and delivery.

Royal Flush” and “New Legends (Born To Rise)” both pair Guvna with stellar background vocals from Ari Pen-Smith.  Both tracks also mirror similar themes in addressing the idea of taking control over one’s own life instead of falling victim to your surroundings.  “New Legends” also discusses the responsibility we all share of making the world a better place instead of leaving the task up to others.

The Ja Rule interlude prepares the listener for “Welcome Home” which features a guest spot from GKiD.  “Welcome Home” plays as an open invitation to seek God in the church.  Acknowledging that no one is perfect, the track attempts to dispel the idea that certain people are not worthy of setting foot in the church because of past decisions, or the level of relationship with God.  The laid back beat does a good job of allowing the important message to take the fore front, and is buttoned up nicely by Ja Rule’s close of song testimonial.

Taking on a Caribbean flavor, Shad Stone joins Guvna B on “Chale” (pronounced Cha Lay).  “Chale” is a “get out of your seat and throw your hands up” inducing track that implores praising God above all else, through good times and bad.  Guvna B states at one point “No matter how you want to treat me, it’s cool, I don’t roll with a genie, I’m rolling with real faith…

Homeless” returns the listener to the most commonly adopted theme (techno/trance) on Scrapbook II.  Guvna B manages to sneak in a rather deep journey through his growth both in the music scene as well as with his faith.  “I don’t belong here, but its cool because heaven’s where my home is” is the recurring chorus that, along with the rest of the track, seeks to invalidate the common temptations of worldly pursuits.

While Scrapbook II largely consists of more dance friendly hip hop, any fan of quality lyricism should find plenty to enjoy on the free to download album.  While Guvna B is much more well known in Great Britain, his star is only getting brighter, and, as our U.K. based editor has predicted on many an occasion, stateside accolades are sure to be right around the corner.  The great thing about Guvna B is that he doesn’t seem to be motivated by fame and glory here, or more fame and glory in England.  He is simply using his God given talents to entertain and encourage.  He does both quite well on Scrapbook II and, especially considering it’s a free download, Scrapbook II is most certainly a worthwhile addition to your hip-hop collection.

Download Scrapbook II for free here.

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New Empire Shine Bright With New Album “In A Breath”

new empire

Review Date: 4/17/2014
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: Aus/NZ – 04/18/2014, Rest of the World – 4/29/2014
Rating: 10 Stars (10 / 10)

Sydney based pop/rock outfit New Empire have been engaging the hearts of Australians for years. With two albums under their belt, playing at the Warped Tour and touring with the likes of Owl City and Switchfoot, the steadfast group of friends have made themselves known as worthy contemporaries of some of the most coveted musicians in the world. Comprising of Jeremy Fowler (lead vocal, piano, guitar), Kyle Lane (lead guitar), Nathan Cairns (bass) and Kale Kneale (drums), the release of In A Breath has the quartet firmly launching themselves into the global music market after signing with Tooth & Nail Records.

Opening with “Tale Of Jonah,” the purity of Fowler’s vocals balanced with a soft instrumental welcomes listeners in to the well-known Bible story. As the tempo builds and the chorus introduces the band’s trademark pop/rock sensibilities, listeners are invited to take an introspective look at the state of their own soul. In this, there is a sense the band is more than a stage show; their solid friendships formed in the beachfront town of Cronulla allowing them to work together to form each melody and lyric exquisitely throughout the album. With hauntingly truthful lyrics, the cry, “I once was king of the world…I’m lost without you” establishes the lyrical honesty found throughout In A Breath.

Following with “The Sun Won’t Sleep,” the band deliver a fan favorite, with the strong guitar rift enveloping your senses. Singing, “I want to take you where we can be amazed,” the chorus becomes an anthem as the vocals soar; and the balance of the melody and lyrical vulnerability combine to take you on a journey to this metaphorical place of true life and love. “Relight the Fire” is a stand out track on the album, as the lead single heavily relies on the skilled drumming of Kneale to express a heart-cry to be renewed by Christ. Though the chorus is simple in repetition, the desperation communicated within it makes the song one that will mirror the heart of many listeners. Interweaved with a catchy melody, this track will stay in your head for days for all the right reasons.

The second single “Say It Like You Mean It” has New Empire stretch themselves musically with an electro/pop sound. Establishing himself as a poetic and charismatic song writer in the band’s previous releases, this song sees Fowler branch out lyrically to a place of fantasy as listeners are challenged to speak and live with conviction. The title track “In A Breath,” written after Fowler’s mother passed away, further reveals the outfit’s musical and lyrical development. In a poignant and defining manner, the tribute is simple in lyrics and melody. The raw emotion in the vocals as he grieves saying, “You can drive me back to school, if it means I get to be with you,” followed by the bittersweet cry of “I’ll see you in a breath,” showcases an extreme vulnerability and hope, free of the clichés frequently used by some musicians.

Wise Fox” takes listeners deeper into the heart of the band, the story of love and loss displaying a technical ability in both the vocal and piano driven melody. Following on with “Fallen Soldiers,” the album picks up its tempo and sees the quartet encapsulate the voice of a generation. The layered melody, driven by a memorable guitar rift, fills your spirit with courage. The anthem of “We are the fallen soldiers, we are coming back for more,” will empower listeners to continue on in their faith walk. “Left Behind” follows in the same vein, the imagery of life as a race met with a strong electro introduction and a musical intensity throughout the track. The addition of a short spoken/rap section enables the listener to put themselves into the narrative and further reveals the growing maturity of the band.

A Little Braver” pulls the record back to its honest and pure roots, beginning with a more stripped back tone and piano driven verse. Rather than just being a song about heart break, this track is an expression of courage and redemption as Fowler sings, “When it gets dark I get a little brighter now.” “Outshine the Brightest” continues to take listeners to an introspective place, this time reinforcing the message of an individual’s worth, particularly through the use of harmony. Rounding off the album with an acoustic version of “Relight The Fire,” New Empire finish In A Breath with the same musical quality and integrity they opened with.

Aside from wishing there were more new tracks on this album, it is difficult to fault In A Breath. The musical and lyrical growth since their last album Symmetry highlights the enormous potential of the band, their melodies both raw and honest while also filled with hope. Overlayed with the stunning vocals of Fowler, the poetic and truthful lyricism found on all 9 tracks are akin to the quality of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman.

Preparing for their world tour later this year, New Empire’s In A Breath is a beautiful and powerful collection of tunes revealing a 2 year labour of love and heart ache. New and old fans will embrace In A Breath for its bold introspection, positive message and catchy melodies. In A Breath is released today in Australia/New Zealand and April 29 worldwide so make sure you grab yourself a copy and treat your head and heart to one of Tooth & Nail’s best and brightest, New Empire.



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Emery Surpass “You Were Never Alone” Campaign Goal; Additional Packages Added


Veteran rock band, Emery, is excited to announce that it has met and surpassed its $50,000 You Were Never Alone crowdfunding goal in under two weeks. The campaign, which launched earlier this month on, will continue for 30 more days, with new packages, including a more affordable vinyl package, available now at: All packages will also include downloads of two new, rough-version tracks from the upcoming album. The band plans to announce what the excess funds will be used for next week.

We were honestly a little nervous going into to the launch,” admitted guitarist, Matt Carter. “I couldn’t believe how quickly people got involved. I stayed up refreshing the page on my phone all night when it went live. Now that we have achieved our goal, we are brainstorming what we can do with the extra money and will announce our plans for a stretch-goal next week.”

The most surprising thing is how excited people are about vinyl. We have never been able to do vinyl before, so it’s so cool that people want it. The demand is so high that we wanted to add a cheap, entry level vinyl package. I hope every single person that has a record player will buy one.”

You Were Never Alone, Emery’s sixth studio album, is set to be released this summer on BadChristian Music, the record label founded by Emery members, Matt Carter and Toby Morrell, and former Emery bassist, Joey Svendsen. The upcoming record sees the return of founding member/vocalist, Devin Shelton.

The band commented, “It’s been almost 11 years since we released The Weak’s End. That’s a little hard to believe for us! In that time, we have seen more success than we could have possibly dreamed. We toured the world, created five more albums, and had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a ton of you along the way. You have never left us.”

As we came up with what we wanted to say here, it almost brought us to tears. We really were never alone. You are Emery. And you are the reason that we are still here, and why our new record is going to be our most important.”

You Were Never Alone marks the band’s first release as an independent entity, after releasing five albums on Tooth and Nail.

The band added, “…something didn’t feel right about someone else owning Emery’s future recordings in perpetuity, especially when independent musicians are getting better opportunities to succeed every year. We want to own our music. We want to be able to sell it, give it away, re-record it in different ways, release vinyl, and do whatever we’re inspired to do with it.”

Emery plans to tour in support of You Were Never Alone this summer.

Stay tuned for more information on Emery, You Were Never Alone and BadChristian.


Story Source: Fresno Media

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The Remission Flow Launch iTunes Pre-Order For “Rhythms Of Grace” Out April 22


The Monaghan, Ireland based worship band The Remission Flow are set to release their sophomore album Rhythms Of Grace next Tuesday, April 22nd, and, as of a few days ago, the album is now available for pre-order on iTunes here. A few weeks ago they also posted an EP for free download on NoiseTrade entitled “Before The Dawn.” The EP, which can be downloaded for free below, features two songs from their upcoming “Rhythms Of Grace” album and two from their debut album “The Light That Floods.”

New to The Remission Flow? Be sure to watch their EPK below, download the “Before The Dawn EP,” and read my review of their debut album from October 2012 here.

My review of the record is coming soon, as is a new video from The Remission Flow, so make sure you “Get Plugged In!” to us below so as to not miss any updates.

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Disciple Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Fund New Album


A little over an hour ago, the popular rock band Disciple launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming brand new album. The album is expected to be released around August time and, aside from founding member Kevin Young, will be the first album to feature the brand new Disciple line-up. Since the start of the campaign a little over an hour ago, $2795 has already been raised of the $45,000 target, a target they need to raise by May 18th, so, if you want to help Disciple raise the rest of the money needed to reach their goal, you can head on over to the campaign page below and help them raise the necessary funds by backing and pre-ordering their brand new album.

In the campaign video Kevin Young shares about the mission behind Disciple and what partnering with them to fund this new album is all about, “When disciple started its journey so many years ago, we knew we wanted to try to be a great band, with great songs, and a great live show, but we also knew we wanted those things to be secondary. we wanted our message to be the most important aspect of our band, not just a message of words, not just a message of hope, or self improvement, but a message about a man, a man whose one act of true love would rescue mankind from the curse that we all must face in this life…a message of Jesus.

The Museum Set To Release “What We Stand For” May 6

the museum

BEC Recordings’ The Museum will be releasing their third label release on May 6 titled What We Stand For. Radio will be introduced to the next chapter of The Museum’s music with the radio single “Saved My Soul” that goes for adds this Friday, April 11. While the Atlanta-based group has released two projects that have delivered pop-hooks listeners have been driven to, at the core they are worship leaders. This new album is reflective of their hearts for worship.

I’ve been leading worship for nearly a decade now. It’s my background, that’s my heart, that’s my passion, that’s what I do,” says The Museum’s lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Ben Richter. “When we started this band, that’s actually what we were doing. We were leading worship for a church youth group on the south side of Atlanta.

Gospel Rewind 04/17/14: Joe Pace – Precious Is The Blood

Joe Pace

Artist: Joe Pace
Track: Precious Is The Blood
Album: Joe Pace Presents: Sunday Morning Service

Lately I’ve found myself thinking more about Jesus and what it is that He did for me on Calvary.
What He did is the reason why I’m here, why you’re here; why we are here.
And while many will be filling their days in the run up to Christ’s resurrection deciding which eggs to buy and which bunnies look the cutest, I’ll personally be spending my time thinking about Him dying on that cross for my sins.

If it wasn’t for Christ’s sacrifice we’d be doomed but instead we are free. We are free because of the thorns they crowned Him with and the nails they pierced into His precious hands.
Philippians 2:7 tells us that “He made Himself nothing” so that we could live. He made Himself nothing and became “obedient to death” (Philippians 2:8) so that we could be free.
The blood that was shed on Calvary is what saved us then, what saves us now and what will save us again tomorrow.
Do you believe in the power of the blood?
For if you believe with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead then you shall be saved (Romans 10:9). You shall be freed from bondage. You shall have eternal life.

This time of year is especially important as we think about what God did for us through sacrificing His one and only son. Oh, how precious is the blood!
How precious is that redeeming blood, that saving blood, that cleansing blood from Calvary!
For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one, Christ, shall many be made righteous. (Romans 5:19).

Yes, it is sad that those He came to save, mocked Him and sentenced Him to death but, let us celebrate at this time because death could not hold our King down; He is risen and He lives for evermore. He died so that we might have life again. There truly is no greater love.

The crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Christ can be read in Matthew 27:11 – 28:10.

Have a blessed Easter everyone…


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Tedashii Set To Release “Below Paradise” May 27


Well-known, thoughtful lyricist and hip-hop artist Tedashii is set to release his new full-length album Below Paradise (Reach Records) on May 27. This highly anticipated project will be his first album in three years marking his career fourth studio release. The first single “Dark Days, Darker Nights” features Britt Nicole and was released to fans last week, and has received more than 50,000 views in a matter of days. The song can be seen below. This album features guest artist appearances by Trip Lee, Lecrae, Britt Nicole, Crowder, Andy Mineo, Royal Tailor and many others.

Below Paradise sheds a new light on what life is really like on this side of eternity. Last year, Tedashii took time off to grieve the loss of his son. This album is a reflection of that experience as he explores the meaning of triumph and hope amidst a life filled with patterns of pain and loss.

In March of 2013 I had the worst day of my life,” shares Tedashii. “The loss of my son changed me forever. I experienced grief and sorrow to the depth of my soul. The veil was lifted, the smoke cleared and all I had was pain. Instantly phrases like, ‘It’s all good’ or ‘It’ll be ok’ were cliche and, at best, empty promises. The comfort of life with no pain was gone and I saw the world in an entirely new way. I felt forsaken, alone, and in a place of darkness that has been kept masked by a focus on only the good side of this life. The reality of being a Christian and suffering so harsh a thing was hard for me to grasp.

Tedashii shares with the listener the reality of suffering, deep and true joy, the bite of life and the false expectations we carry. Below Paradise is filled with true authenticity and uncut honesty during this season of his life.

This album is my journal shared publicly with everyone during this difficult journey as I worked to understand all I felt, experienced, and believed. I am human, I am hurt, I am His. By His grace I am what I am. I pray this will be an album that all can feel, even if you can’t relate, and be moved to true emotions about the reality of life in a harsh world with a loving God, below paradise.

Below Paradise explores not only deep, emotional topics, but it also stretches the sound and style from Tedashii’s previous albums. The songs on Below Paradise read like a journal. Some entries are honest and transparent, but the album is not a somber, solemn experience. Recorded in Atlanta and Dallas, these 14 tracks don’t just focus on loss and grief, they are inspired by all the events that shaped Tedashii as an artist and a man. This includes his experiences in high school as a football-playing, poetry-reading member of the marching band and his conversion to Christianity during college. Meeting his father for the first time, feeling like an outsider, faith, family and fatherhood, Tedashii invites the listener to experience life “below paradise.”

Fans will get to hear the new songs on Below Paradise on the upcoming Summer Shed Tour featuring TobyMac, Skillet and Lecrae. Tour dates listed below.


May 1 Austin, TX / Austin360 Amphitheater

May 2 Oklahoma City, OK / Zoo Amphitheatre

May 3 Rio Rancho, NM / Santa Ana Star Center

May 4 Denver, CO / Red Rocks Amphitheater

May 8 Little Rock, AR / First Security Amphitheater (Formerly Riverfest Amphitheater)

May 9 St Louis, MO / Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

May 10 Memphis, TN / Mud Island Amphitheater


Story Source: The M Collective

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About Tedashii:
Tedashii is a Houston, TX native that has sold more than 120,000 albums to date, garnered over eight million cumulative views on YouTube and was featured on Lecrae’s GRAMMY-winning album Gravity. His last release Blacklight debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart and No. 8 on the iTunes overall album chart. Tedashii’s sophomore album, Identity Crisis, charted No. 2 on the Gospel Billboard chart and No. 9 on the Christian Billboard chart. One of his hit tracks, “Dum Dum” was featured on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” Tedashii is also a radio host of his show, Serium, powered by NGEN Radio.

Citizens Releases New Single For Easter – “You Brought Me Back To Life”


Mars Hill Music/BEC Recordings’ Citizens has released a brand new single this week in celebration of the life of Jesus as we near Easter this weekend. The single “You Brought Me Back to Life” is available now. Click here to get the new single at iTunes.

This song was written with lyrics based on Romans 6,” shares Citizens frontman Zach Bolen. “We wrote a celebratory song that calls for God’s people to boast in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We felt it important to have a song that was not only great for the church to sing during the baptism of a believer but also a song for the body to sing as a celebration of God’s steadfast love and glorious light that he has chosen to shine upon us as His redeemed people.

Citizens had an amazing 2013 as they have sold nearly 20,000 units of their debut self-titled release driven by their radio success of the single “Made Alive.” The album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart as well as debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Heatseekers and Worship Albums charts. The album was praised by Relevant, Worship Leader, CCM Magazine, and HM Magazine. The band is already working on their new album that will be released later this year – release date TBA.

With our new album, you can expect a slightly different sound. Still Citizens, just revamped a little bit. There will be a good bit of upbeat songs but also a couple that are more contemplative. All in all, we want each of our albums to serve the local church,” shares Bolen. “We have always had the belief that if we try and make the message submit to the music then we are doing a disservice to the church and consequently watering down the truth. The art does not have more value than then the one who created art itself. So our hope is that with this next album you will hear and find that the music honestly and creatively underscores the beauty of the gospel. We will also be playing a couple dates over the next few months on the West Coast with the hope of doing some more in the future while still leading faithfully at our local church a couple times a month.

Stay tuned for more information and details on the new album from Citizens!


Story Source: Merge PR

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MercyMe’s Welcome to the New Nabs Highest Billboard 200 Debut Of The Week At No. 4


For Grammy and American Music Award winners MercyMe, the eighth time looks to be the charm as the 6.5 million+ selling band’s latest, Welcome to the New nabs the hightest debut of the week landing at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Christian Albums chart. The album peaked at No. 3 on the iTunes® Overall Albums Chart and No. 1 on its Christian Albums Chart.

Following two weeks of promotional appearances across the country, MercyMe is set to perform their top 5 hit single “Shake” on NBC’s The Today Show April 22. The “Shake” music video has had nearly 2 million views on several video platforms. Fans of the band have been using the hashtag #MMShake to share their own videos and responses via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Already praised by USA Today, Rhapsody, CCM and more, reviews are continuing to pour in celebrating Welcome to the New’s “fresh and stimulating sound…a party from top to bottom” (Worship Leader):

“Welcome to the New may be the multi-platinum band’s best effort to date” –

“Welcome to the New brings newness to a new level. The normally ballad-centered MercyMe has exploded with a fresh and stimulating sound on this latest release” – Worship Leader

“A highly eclectic collection of different sounds…one can only admire the amount of flair offered by the veteran band on their 8th album in throwing expectations out the door and giving something new.” – Jesus Freak Hideout

“Definitely one of my favourite bands ever, MercyMe have crafted a fine effort.” – Christian Music Zine

“When it’s all said and done, MercyMe have outdone themselves with this album…get ready for something big as MercyMe welcomes you to the new.” – The Front Row Report


Starting April 24, MercyMe will kickoff their headlining “Welcome To The New Tour” featuring Jamie Grace and Citizen Way. The tour will make 15 stops in select cities across the country through May 17. Tour details are below. For more information, visit their website below.

“Welcome To The New Tour” Dates:

4/24/14 – Tuscaloosa Amphetheater – Tuscaloosa, AL

4/25/14 – Hirsch Memorial Coliseum – Shreveport, LA

4/26/14 – Nutty Jerry’s – Winnie, TX

4/27/14 – Taylor County Expo Center – Abilene, TX

4/30/14 – Crossings Community Church – Oklahoma City, OK

5/1/14 – Curry Country Event Center – Clovis, NM

5/2/14 – Andrews County Expo – Andrews, TX

5/3/14 – Bell Country Expo Center – Belton, TX

5/8/14 – Gateway Ministries – Williamsport, MD

5/9/14 – The Clay Center – Charleston, WV

5/10/14 – Niswonger Performing Arts Center – Greeneville, TN

5/15/14 – Grace Baptist Church – Brunswick, OH

5/16/14 – World Outreach Church – Murfreesboro, TN

5/17/14 – Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts – Franklin, NC


Story Source: The M Collective

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About MercyMe:
Since their debut in 2001, GRAMMY®-nominated, American Music Award and multiple Dove Award winners MercyMe have sold over 6.5 million units in CD and DVD sales, garnered 25 No. 1 multi-format Christian radio singles and four consecutive mainstream radio hits with “I Can Only Imagine,” (No. 4 AC/Top 25 on Top 40/Hot AC), “Here With Me” (No. 4 AC), “Homesick” (Top 10 AC), and “So Long Self.” In 2009, Billboard named MercyMe’s “Word Of God Speak” the No. 1 Song of The Decade and the group the No. 1 Christian Songs Artist of the Decade, with an additional No. 1 as the Christian AC Song Artist of The Decade as one of the industry’s most notable talents. MercyMe made history as “I Can Only Imagine” surpassed 1 million digital downloads, making it the first song in Christian music to go platinum in the digital domain. MercyMe has sold out venues across the nation, including Radio City Music Hall, and has appeared on The Tonight Show, CNN, Fox New Channel’s Fox & Friends, ABC News, CBS This Morning and in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, USA Today, Billboard and more. Their eighth studio album, Welcome To The New, is available now.

Ginny Owens And Andrew Greer Invite Fans To “Journey Through The Land Of Israel”


Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter Ginny Owens and Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter Andrew Greer will host an exclusive Holy Land tour next year, it was recently announced. Tracing the life and times of Jesus, the February 9-18 “Journey Through The Land Of Israel” is slated to visit the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, the Via Dolorosa, and the Valley of Armageddon, among numerous destinations.

Open to the first 40 registrants, the trip will be highlighted by intimate, acoustic concerts by Owens and Greer at various historic locales, as well as devotions, meals and side excursions led by the artists. In addition, participants will have a unique opportunity to renew wedding vows at Cana of Galilee, the site of Jesus’ first miracle.

Touring Israel has been a dream of mine for quite some time,” says Owens. “I am fascinated by all I read about the region in Scripture, and can hardly wait to explore the land where Jesus lived and walked so many years ago. I’m particularly excited to share this experience with my great friend, Andrew, and the intimate group of folks who will venture with us through this magnificent, historical, sacred place.”

Israel is much more than a travel destination for me,” Greer adds. “For the disciple of Christ, tracing the footsteps of Jesus is an unparalleled spiritual pilgrimage. To be able to share stories and songs in poignant places along the way with a fellow sojourner and friend like Ginny is so personally fulfilling. We hope our enthusiasm for the sights and sounds of Israel can enhance the experience for those who make the journey with us.

“Journey Through The Land Of Israel” is presented by Andrew W. Lyon Travel. Lyon has organized and led group excursions for Sandi Patty, Christians Broadcasting Hope and Church of God Ministries, among other organizations. To secure a reservation, or for more information, visit

Three-time Dove Award winner Ginny Owens is known for such signature hits as “If You Want Me To,” “Free” and “I Wanna Be Moved,” among others. Named the Gospel Music Association’s New Artist of the Year in 2000, Owens is the recipient of multiple ASCAP Awards for songwriting and has performed at such notable venues as the White House, the Sundance Film Festival and Lilith Fair. With sales of nearly one million records in her 15-year career, Owens is currently preparing for the release of her 13th recording and eighth full-length studio album. For further information, visit

Andrew Greer is a 2013 GMA Dove Award nominee for All Things Bright & Beautiful: Hymns for the Seasons, which held the #1 spot on Nielsen Christian SoundScan’s Instrumental chart for 25 weeks. Last year’s Angel Band: The Christmas Sessions landed in the Top 10 on iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart, while his 2012 Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions, reached #2 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Contemporary Folk chart. The critically-acclaimed Angel Band recordings collectively feature collaborations with some of the top names in bluegrass, Gospel and Christian music, including Sandi Patty, Sonya Isaacs, Cindy Morgan, The McCrary Sisters, Phil Madeira and Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union Station. For further information, visit


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